Vacant Property Insurance Solutions

Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House.

What to Know About Insuring Vacant Property, Vacant Property Insurance Solutions Vacant Property Insurance Solutions: Vacant Buildings, partial vacant and buildings under construction can be difficult to place coverage but we at Morell have vacant property insurance solutions for you. Many standard insurance companies aren’t comfortable with the exposure. With not many options it’s important to  … Read more

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Study Shows Workers’ Compensation Benefits & Employers’ Costs Rise


The National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI) recently published a study conducted on Workers’ Compensation benefits paid out in 2011. This study showed that both the benefits paid and costs to employers increased in 2011 in comparison to years prior. Total workers’ compensation costs to employers rose to $77.1 billion (up 7.1%), while benefits rose to $60.2 billion (up 3.5%).

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Preparing Yourself for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season has begun (June 1 – November 30) and can mean potentially devastating or even deadly conditions for many homeowners. During a hurricane, your home may be damaged or destroyed by many different hazards, including: debris that can break windows and doors; fallen trees and power lines from large storms; destroyed windows, doors and roofing material; basement flooding and even extensive wind damage that can reach hundreds of miles from the storm center.

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Why Purchase Flood Insurance?


Why Purchase Flood Insurance?

It’s the most common natural disaster in the United States and is not limited to coastal areas. Flood damage is not covered under a standard homeowners policy.
See what just a few inches of water can do to your home. Watch FloodSmart’s interactive demo. Keep in mind that flood maps have changed recently, so you could be at increased risk for flooding as a result of natural disasters and not know it. Visit for a Flood Map Update Schedule.

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Boat Insurance – Get Ready for the Sailing Season


Summer is quickly approaching and, with it, comes a start to the recreational boating season for many of you. Boating is a great way to relax and get away from your everyday responsibilities and commitments. However, it’s important that you be sure to prepare your boat adequately prior to taking her out for the first time this season. You wouldn’t launch your boat without proper maintenance and safety measures, so why would you head out into the open water without boat insurance?

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Commercial Property Insurance – the Importance of Protecting your Business


Are you a small business owner? Whether you own your workspace, lease or work at home, we at Morrell want to help you find the best commercial property insurance policy to meet your small business needs. Commercial property insurance can prepare you for unanticipated property damage to your workplace, such as a fire, burst water pipe or storm that could destroy your property inside and out.

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Be Prepared for the Unexpected – What to Do after an Auto Accident


Even the most cautious drivers can be involved in auto accidents. Here are some suggestions for the steps you should take following an auto collision to eliminate some of the post-accident stress and hassle. It may also be a good idea to keep a set of cones, warning triangles or emergency flares in your car to alert traffic in the event of an accident. Have a pen and pad handy to write down all information pertinent to the incident.

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Protect Yourself with One-Day Event Insurance


Spring will be here before you know it, and, with it the season of christenings, communions, graduations and weddings. Unfortunately, even on a day of celebration, one must consider if s/he has adequate coverage against potential liabilities. As the host or hostess, we know how stressful it can be to plan an event or gathering, so don’t let the potential risk of being at fault for an accident or injury on your special day ruin your celebration. At Morrell, we offer a variety of one-day event insurance to meet your party planning needs.

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Investment Property Insurance


Looking to protect your investment property? Landlord’s rental property insurance provides all the coverage you need to protect your dwelling from damage and yourself from potential liability. With this coverage, you can protect your rental building, other affiliated private structures such as a garage or shed and any personal property such as tools, appliances or furniture stored on-site or provided by you to be used by your tenants.

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Nancy McClatchie, President of Wm. E. Morrell Insurance, Receives the Frederick H. Dayton Award


Each year, the Independent Insurance Agents of Westchester County, Inc. (IIAWC) presents the Frederick H. Dayton Award in honor of IIAWC President Frederick Dayton, who died in office, to a current member who has contributed meaningfully to his/her community. We are extremely pleased to announce that the 2013 recipient of the award is Nancy McClatchie, President of Wm. E. Morrell Insurance.

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