Why Morrell?

Four Generations Serving Business Professionals and Homeowners

Wise investors will tell you that choosing the right insurance policy provider is as important as choosing the insurance policy itself. The wrong policy can cause financial, service as well as significant protection loss over the years. Choosing the right policy is a complicated task and if you are confused or overwhelmed with the number of options in the market, you should let an expert handle the choice for you.

You can usually buy your insurance policy from one of the following four different sources:

  • Captive Agents – These agents have tie-ups with particular insurance policy providers and they sell their products only.
    Internet: With modern-day technology, you can easily compare and buy an insurance policy online.
  • Telephone: Some insurance policy providers sell the scheme directly on phone.
  • Internet Sites – Consumers can fill out an application online and get an insurance quote without any help or direction from a qualified professional.
  • Independent Insurance Agencies: This is ideally the best source to purchase an insurance policy. The independent insurance agencies have tie-ups with at least 8–10 different insurance policy providers. These agencies can help you compare and customize the different plans according to your needs.


Purchasing an insurance policy from an independent insurance agency has the following benefits:

  • Licensed professionals from the company represent the various insurance policy providers. These professionals have the necessary training in understanding and assessing your requirements.
  • The professional has his/her allegiance to you instead of a particular insurance policy provider. He/she can make unbiased decisions on your behalf, thereby allowing you to choose the best policy in the market.
  • The agency has access to multiple insurance policy providers. It can ideally compare hundreds of different policies to provide you with the best option on the spot.
  • You can contact the same agency for a requirement of different policies while having the flexibility to change the policy provider.
  • The professional from a reputed agency has several contacts in the industry to come up with the best policy for your needs.
  • The agency can also support you in making the right claims at the right time.
  • A licensed and independent insurance consulting agent has your best interests at heart. He/she will compare the price, services as well as the coverage offered by multiple insurance schemes to come up with the best combination for your needs./li>
  • The agency is certified to offer insurance policies from various domains including home, life, health, auto as well as business.
  • The agency will provide valuable input in updating your portfolio with additional coverage required from time to time.

The best insurance agencies will have agents who can form a deep and meaningful relationship with their clients to provide a long-term and permanent solution to their insurance policy needs.

Premier Insurance Agents
in Westchester County

We are a four generation strong family business leveraging our insurance history of serving and building strong relationships in the Tri-State area:

    • Rockland (including Nanuet, Nyack, Spring Valley, Tappan)
    • Westchester (including White Plains, Yonkers, New Rochelle, Port Chester, Mamaroneck, Scarsdale, Greenburgh, Mount Kisco…)
    • New York City (including Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx)
    • Upstate New York (including Albany, Rochester, Buffalo, Corning, and Hudson Valley) Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk Counties)
    • Connecticut (Fairfield, New Haven, Greenwich, New Haven, Norwalk, Bridgeport, Stamford) New Jersey (including Bergen, Hudson, Union, Monmouth, Middlesex)

Our regular customers particularly value our service approach coupled with our vast experience with insurance policies, coverages and claims expertise. Our true hearted goal is building relationships with all people, professions and communities, knowing their insurance needs to serve them better.


William (Wm.) E. Morrell Inc., was established in 1909 by William E. Morrell in White Plains New York. Soon afterwards, William’s brother Herbert K. Morrell joined the firm. On July 9, 1913 William and Herbert’s filings for the incorporation of the company was completed. William passed away early in the century leaving his brother Herbert as sole proprietor. Herb’s family, four generations strong, continues managing the Insurance Agency to this day. The Agency originated as both a Real Estate and an Insurance Agency. During the Roaring-Twenties, Real Estate was the main business for the Agency, but during and after the 1930s depression, Insurance became the driving business for Morrell Insurance.